Credit Cards You Can Be Late On

Many credit card users feel like children that are being punished when the pay late on their credit card and are socked with late payment fees, and even a higher interest rate. For any number of reasons, most credit card users may find themselves being late on a payment at some point. The good thing… Read More »

Get Your Credit Card Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

With the holiday season looming, most likely you will be making some gift purchases on your credit card in the near future. Just make sure you are being smart about your credit card purchases. Almost half of all Americans are expected to use credit cards for at least some of their holiday purchases. If you… Read More »

4 Credit Card Moves to Make Before the Fed Raises Rates

Credit card interest rates have largely been in a holding pattern for the past few years, but that’s not going to last much longer, thanks to the Federal Reserve. Most likely, within the next year, the nation’s central banks will raise a key lending rate. When it happens, your credit card APRs will likely go… Read More »

Survey: Are you hurting your credit score?

With credit reports and scores more accessible than ever, it is a wonder why so many widespread credit myths won’t die. Unfortunately, even with all the correct information out there, a recent survey shows that many credit card consumers are still operating under false pretenses. For instance, the survey showed that over half of Americans… Read More »

Beware: Credit Card Convenience Checks

With a credit card convenience check, you can tap your credit line, and it can seem like a gift from above, particularly if money is tight and you need a short-term financial fix, or need to consolidate debt. However, there are drawbacks that can catch many cardholders by surprise. One consumer recently received an offer… Read More »