Beware: Credit Card Convenience Checks

With a credit card convenience check, you can tap your credit line, and it can seem like a gift from above, particularly if money is tight and you need a short-term financial fix, or need to consolidate debt. However, there are drawbacks that can catch many cardholders by surprise. One consumer recently received an offer… Read More »

Upcoming Credit Card Changes – What You Need to Know

A lot of significant changes are coming to credit scores and credit reports, and while the most significant changes are still some time away, it is good know what is coming down the road. Due to a combination of state lawsuits, federal regulations and competitive pressures, the way consumers are graded on their ability to… Read More »

What is a Debt Charge-Off?

A debt charge-off sounds good, almost as if that balance has been eliminated, removed or paid off. However, a charged-off account can mean trouble for your credit report and overall financial welfare. Here are some key things you need to know about charged-off debts. What Exactly is a Charge-off? Credit card issuers generate profits and… Read More »

What Does Your Credit Card Cover When You Rent a Car?

If you know certain things, renting a car can be pretty inexpensive. Rates for around $25 per day can be found, but before you drive out of the rental lot, you are asked if you want to purchase supplemental car insurance. Sometimes, that insurance can double the cost of your rental. There is a lot… Read More »

Ways to Build Your Credit from Scratch

In 2015, about 10% of adults have no established credit with a national reporting agency. Another 8% have insufficient credit history, or one that is too old to track. Many of these potential borrowers are in a classic Catch-22 scenario: a person needs to have a credit history to get credit, but he also needs… Read More »

Bad Money Advice People Always Give

There’s a lot of financial advice floating around out there, much of it good and sound, yet a little long in the tooth, or even obsolete. How do you really separate the good advice from the better? Well, here are some typical examples of what used to be pretty good financial advice, and still is… Read More »