Factoring a Phone Bill into a FICO Score May Be a Bad Idea

Apparently, one of the three major credit agencies, Experian to be exact, wants to begin including on-time payments of utility bills into their bloated credit-worthiness algorithm in order to get more consumers to easily qualify for credit cards and loans. In the current state of things, typically only installment loan, credit card and mortgage loan… Read More »

Getting a new Credit Card? Do This, Not That

If you are shopping for a credit card, make sure you do just that…shop! Choose a card that you will both likely qualify for, and is useful to you and your situation. You don’t want to overreach for a card that you may not qualify for based on your credit history and FICO score. If… Read More »

Top 3 Credit Cards to Establish Credit?

Credit has been a huge deal especially when it comes to trying to start a business, take out a loan, get a lease on a car, a lease on a home, and more. Just about anything related to getting some extra money out to do something big, you will need to establish credit. One of… Read More »

The Buzz around JetBlue Credit Card Offer?

There has been some buzz, some interest regarding the offers of Jetblue and what they have been offering in their credit card services for their applicants. JetBlue is a airline corporation that offers a low costing service for all of its flyers. Right now it offers over 80+ destinations, and is the way to go… Read More »

Things to consider in Credit Card offers for Students?

Students of any kind should take in the consideration of applying for a credit card when they have the chance to. It is incredibly helpful for teenagers who are ending high school, or starting college, to understand, learn, and benefit from credit cards. Since it is likely that students will be living away from home,… Read More »

Top 3 Credit Card Processing Companies Reviews

Any starting business would want to accept credit cards at a large rate, and frankly not all of these credit card processing companies can be trusted. Huge processing companies still exist, and run a large portion of the businesses out there, while newer and more innovative companies have also begun to take the spotlight. Which… Read More »