6 Ways to Fix Your Credit Now!

Millions of Americans suffered blows to their credit score in recent years, as unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies soared. However, the damage doesn’t have to be permanent, if you know how to bounce back. And, even though the economy is slowly improving, and credit issuers are beginning to loosening up their lending standards once again, you… Read More »

Advancements in Credit Card Security

In last week’s posting, we explored the shortcomings magnetic stripe credit cards, and the fact that cards with microchips embedded into them are on the way. However, we also know that U.S. credit card issuers are slow to adopt a chip-and-PIN verification system (which much of the rest of the world uses, very successfully, I… Read More »

New Credit Card, Same Old Problem

Banks and retailers in the United States are about to undertake a $30 billion-plus upgrade of the way they process credit card and debit card transactions. The current, outdated magnetic stripe technology will eventually be replaced by smart cards with computer chips embedded within them. With the new cards, you will “dip” them into new… Read More »

Consumers to Benefit from More Credit Agency Changes

Credit consumers will benefit from more changes being made by the three major credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Under the changes, consumers who dispute items in their credit reports will now receive more assistance concerning the disputes, such as instructions on what they can do if they don’t like the agencies response to… Read More »

Factoring a Phone Bill into a FICO Score May Be a Bad Idea

Apparently, one of the three major credit agencies, Experian to be exact, wants to begin including on-time payments of utility bills into their bloated credit-worthiness algorithm in order to get more consumers to easily qualify for credit cards and loans. In the current state of things, typically only installment loan, credit card and mortgage loan… Read More »

Getting a new Credit Card? Do This, Not That

If you are shopping for a credit card, make sure you do just that…shop! Choose a card that you will both likely qualify for, and is useful to you and your situation. You don’t want to overreach for a card that you may not qualify for based on your credit history and FICO score. If… Read More »