Bad Money Advice People Always Give

There’s a lot of financial advice floating around out there, much of it good and sound, yet a little long in the tooth, or even obsolete. How do you really separate the good advice from the better? Well, here are some typical examples of what used to be pretty good financial advice, and still is… Read More »

When it’s Okay to Let Your FICO Score Take a Hit

Credit scores fluctuate with time and credit activity, and while it’s prudent to keep your score high (the high 600s to low 700s is considered good to excellent credit), there may be times when taking a negative hit to your credit score will be better for you in the long run. Here are three scenarios… Read More »

The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

With summer coming quickly, many tend to dream of majestic vacations to faraway places, even if the likelihood of such a vacation, this year anyway, is truly nil. However, with some careful credit card spending, by this time next summer, your dream vacation could become a reality. With so many travel cards promising to take… Read More »